Bootin Gluten
     Bakery and Market LLC
Located at 2409 Georgetown Rd (Rt.1), Just a few minutes South of I-74 in Danville, IL – (South Tilton, IL)
    Bootin Gluten Bakery and Market is a Dedicated Gluten Free Facility offering a variety of Made From Scratch Fresh Gourmet Baked goods, as well as an extensive gluten free grocery. Our focus is to make transitioning to and maintaining a gluten free lifestyle easier and more enjoyable by providing the foods that you need and crave all in one Convenient Location.
    Fresh products are made with High Quality, Natural ingredients which include Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, Teff, Flax Seed, Arrowroot, Palm & Cane Sugars, Molasses, Macadamia Nut Oil, Coconut Oil and other higher protein, nutrient rich ingredients. All from original recipes and made On-Site from Scratch. Healthier ingredients packed into Treats with such Great Taste and Texture, you'd never know they're gluten free. And they have a refrigerated shelf life comparable to home-made wheat products.
     Many fresh products are also Dairy Free, Grain Free, Rice Free, Corn Free, Soy Free or free of other allergens and many of the packaged gluten free products in the grocery are also free of multiple allergens.

     At Bootin Gluten Bakery, we respect our clients and strive to achieve lasting relationships. Learn more about our company by going to our FACEBOOK page or by calling us today at (217) 443-3026.

Hours of Operation

Mon. & Wed. 11:00 - 6:00

Thursday     -  9:30 - 1:00

Friday        -  11:00 - 7:00

2nd & 4th Sat. of the Month         - 12:00 - 4:00

Roast Beef Sandwich on Nutty Acorn Bread, Burgundy Cupcake w/Spiced Icing (Gluten & Dairy Free) and one of the many ALL Natural Sodas in the Market

Take n' Bake Pizza, available with your choice of topping, Including Dairy Free Cheese


Some of the Many Products available in the COMPLETELY GLUTEN FREE MARKET


A few of the Unique Housewares and Baking Tools we carry

Rocky Road Cupcakes

Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free


Chocolate Donuts. Gluten & Dairy Free


An assortment of Goodies offered at BOOTIN GLUTEN BAKERY and MARKET LLC


Cherry Lime-Ade Cupcake

Gluten Free Lime Cupcake with a Cherry Buttercream Icing


Apple Danish

Gluten, Grain, Soy & Dairy Free

You won't believe how soft, moist, tender and DELICIOUS these are



And it's Gluten, Grain, Soy and Dairy FREE

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$3.99 - Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil Quinoa, Mushroom & Vegetable Medley Quinoa,OR Garden Vegetable Quinoa

Some of the Packaged Products available in Market

If you would like to place an ORDER for NON-FROZEN Packaged Products, Housewares OR Cars, Contact me for Prices & Shipping Costs. I'm sorry, no Shopping Cart, online sales aren't my main business, but I'm Happy to ship any of the items I have on hand.

If there's a Product you're Looking for, feel free to contact me to See IF I have it OR can Get it for you.

Greater Selection of Products available IN Store


Midel:  $4.59 -  GingerSnaps, Pecan, Chocolate Sandwich cookies, Animal Arrowroot

Lucy's:  $5.89 - Sugar OR Maple Bliss

XO Baking: $5.99 - Chocolate Snaps OR Ginger Snaps

Tru Roots: $6.49 -Chocolate Chunk Aztec Qookies

Orgran: $4.99 - Dinosaur Cookies

                $4.79 - Itsy Bitsy Bear Cookies

                $3.69 - Shortbread Hearts


BonaVita: $3.29 - Spaghetti, Fussili OR Rigate

Dellalo: $4.49 - Rice & Corn Elbow, Spaghetti OR Orzo OR Wholegrain Rice Spaghetti

Lundberg: $4.79 - Brown Rice Penne

Deboles: $3.99 - Quinoa/Flax Penne

                 $4.39 - Rice Lasagna

Ancient Harvest: $4.19 - Spaghetti,  Shells OR Veggie Curls

TruRoots: $4.59 - Fusilli OR Penna

BioNaturai: $5.49 - Fusilli OR Penne Rigate

Orgran: $4.39 - Rice Vegetable Spirals

       $6.39 Corn & Rice Mini Lasagna Sheets

Seitenbacher: $5.99 - Golden Ribbon Noodles OR Rigatone

Britany Salt: $6.49 - Sea Spaghetti

Pasta Side Dishes

Sam Mills: $3.79 - Creamy Parmesan, Bacon Ranch OR Classic Italian Pasta Salad

                 $3.49 - Butter OR Chicken Flavor Pasta Sides

Bonavita: $3.89 - Mac and Cheese

Ancient Harvest: $4.19 - Quinoa Mac n Cheese

Road's End: $4.29 - DAIRY FREE Mac n' Chreese OR Alfredo Penne

Meal Helpers

Namaste: $5.99 - Say Cheeze, Taco Pasta OR Pasta Pisavera

Cook Simple: $5.39 - Skillet Lasagna OR White Bean Chili

Snapdragon: $4.89 - Indonesian Peanut Pasta Stir Fry OR Pad Thai Ginger Pasta Stir Fry


San J: $5.99 - Tamari Lite SOY, Teriyaki

               $6.19 - Peanut, Orange, Sweet n Tangy OR Asian BBQ

Premier Japan: $6.89 - Teriyaki

Wizard: $6.89 - Vegan Worcestershire


Seitenbacher: $1.89 - Brown OR Mushroom mix OR Tomato Sauce mix

Road's End: $1.89 - Golden, Shitake Mushroom OR Savory Herb

Massell:  $4.39 - Turkey Gravy Canister


Bookbinder: $3.00 - Crab & Shrimp

Seitenbacher: $5.99 - Multi-Purpose Blend


Seitenbacher: $6.99 - Vegetable Broth mix

Celifibr: $2.39 - Veg. Chicken Cubes


Bookbinder: $4.29 - Vegetarian Zesty Tomato, Vegetarian Brandywine Mushroom, Vegan Tuscan Minestrone

                      $3.49 - New England Clam Chowder

Pacific: $3.69 - Cream of Mushroom OR Cream of Chicken

Gluten Free Cafe: $3.99 - Cream of Mushroom

Snapdragon Rice Noodle Bowls: $3.09 - Hot and Sour OR Singapore Curry

Thai Kitchen: $1.27 - Spring Onion OR Bankgkok Curry


Himalayan Red Rice, 2 lb - $9.69

Long Grain Brown Rice, 2 lb - $6.39

Purple Sticky Rice, 2 lb - $12.89

Whole Quinoa, white, 2 lb - $11.29

Whole Red Quinoa, 2 lb - $10.79

Whole Amaranth, 2 lb - $9.79

Almond Flour, Blanched, 1 lb - $12.49

Almond Flour, Blanched, 8 oz  - $6.39

Black Sorghum, whole grn, 1 lb - $8.49

Coconut Flour           1 lb - $8.49

Arrowroot                1 lb - $6.89

Arrowroot                8 oz - $3.49

Nature's Crops - $7.29 -

               Pre-cooked Quinoa 12 oz

Nature's Crops - $5.99 -

               Quinoa Flour 10 oz

Ancient Harvest; $7.59 - Quinoa Flakes 12 oz

Whole Golden Flax Seed,1 lb - $4.29

Arrowhead Mills: $9.89  -  ALL Purpose Baking Mix 28 oz

            $6.59 - Brown Rice Flour, 32 oz

            $7.49 - Buckwheat Flour, 32 oz

            $6.99 - Millet Flour, 32 oz

Mesquite Powder, 1 lb -  $9.79

Acorn Starch, 1 lb $9.79

Bob's Red Mill: -

Baking Supplies

Orgran Egg Replacer  $6.19

Ojio Lucuma Powder, 8 oz - $14.49


Enjoy Life: $6.59 - Double Chocolate Granola

Kay's Naturals: $7.09 - Better Balance Protein Cereals - French Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon OR Honey Almond

Seitenbacher: $6.99 - Musli #6

Orgran: $8.49 - Multi-grain O's with Quinoa

Arrowhead Mills: $6.59 - Steel Cut Oats

                   $6.99 - Sprouted Corn Flakes

GF Old Fashioned Rolled Oats 14 oz- $4.39


Brooks Candy Co.: $6.89 - Brownie Mix

Namaste: $7.99 - Fudge Brownie, Blonde, Spice Cake OR Chocolate Cake

              $6.79 - Bread mix

              $5.69 - Muffin mix


Breads From Anna: $7.99 - (Soy, Rice & Nut Free), (Soy, Rice, Corn, Dairy & Nut Free), Yeast Free, Classic Herb Bread, Pizza Crust mix, Black Bean Brownie Mix

                  $5.70 - Piecrust

                  $6.90 - Apple Pancake & Muffin Mix, Cranberry Pancake & Muffin Mix

XO Baking: $7.99 - Pancake & Waffle, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie,  Chocolate Cake, Pound Cake

Wholesome Chow: $6.69 - Vegan Chocolate Cake

Beyond Basic: $7.89 - Praline Royal OR Double Chocolate Waffle Mix

Kerbey Lane: $6.69 - Gingerbread Pancake mix

Onion Bread Sticks, Cinnamon Roll

Mori Nu $3.09 - Dairy Free Vanilla Pudding mix

Orgran: $4.49 - DF SF Chocolate Mousse Mix

Ready to Eat Meals

(these are shelf stable, unrefrigerated boxed or canned meals)

My Own Meal: $5.89 - Chicken Mediterranian OR Beef Stew

St Dalfour French Bistro: $4.39 - Wild Pink Salmon & Vegetables (out of stock)


St Dalfour Ready to Eat Meal - No Refrigeration Needed


My Own Meals - Ready to Eat  Meals  -  No Refrigeration Needed

Check Out the selection of READY TO EAT MEALS

These are Great for Work, School, Camping, Traveling and other times when you want more than a Snack and may not have Refrigeration available